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We use MailChimp to communicate with our paddlers and supporters. This is an opt-in email system and you can opt out at anytime, just by clicking a link that will be at the bottom of every email we send out.

We send out emails that are targeted to specific groups. To sign up for a group, just check the appropriate box below. Check all groups that are applicable. Please do not check any of the Paddler boxes unless you are an active member of Dana Outrigger. If you are interested in becoming a paddler, please check one of the boxes entitled "I'm interested in the keiki/junior program," or "I'm interested in the Novice Program." We'll keep your information on file and we'll send you notice before your selected program begins. 

If your interests or involvement in our club change, you can always change the groups you are subscribed to by updating your profile. You can do this yourself, or drop us an email at and we will take care of it for you.


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